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Last Updated: August 13, 2015

This letter below is in response to the false and misleading information posted by Alex Roy of Euro Optics on his website (Alex’s claim listed below.)  We have received legal advice from our attorney and have found that there isn’t much that we can do regarding what Mr. Roy post on his website, as it is freedom of speech and his opinion.  So we have chosen to shine light on this unfounded claim by posting the facts.


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Ed was a guy that I had enough trust and respect for to book a Brown Bear hunt in Russia with. So to find out that he would buy gear from us and not pay was a surprise. Finding out that he would keep deposit money and not deliver the hunt leaves me speechless and embarrassed.





In response to the claims stated above by Mr. Alex Roy. 

Updated February 15, 2011

I, Ed Tibljas, have the following facts to air to whomever cares or wants to form an opinion.  I have known Alex for many years now and still have a lot of respect and admiration for the man.  However I can’t get over what has happened.  I have purchased many pieces of equipment from Alex over the years and have pushed his company and equipment to my clients, friends, family and people whom I didn’t even know.  I have sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment for Alex and have never asked for one penny of commission nor did I ever receive any sort of payment from Alex.  I have been blindsided by Alex’s false and misleading claim that I haven’t paid for equipment I bought from him and that I took his deposit money and shysted him out of a brown bear hunt in Russia.

The claim of the “gear that wasn’t paid for,” was a $615 range finder that I ordered for a former client of mine.  I sent Alex’s invoice along with the range finder and he was to submit the payment directly to Alex.  I have spoken with him on the phone several times and he assured me that he would submit payment to Alex, which obviously he has not.  I have asked him to send me back the range finder or send it to me and I would send it back for him or pay Alex for it and keep it myself.  He is now quit taking or returning any of my phone calls in order to try and retrieve the range finder or receive payment for it.  I have done my best to recover the range finder or collect the payment for Alex, and have failed at both attempts.  I feel that Alex should not misrepresent the information implying that I was the one who didn’t pay for his gear, as I have since paid him in full for the rangefinder.  What would you do in my predicament?  (UPDATE: at the East Coast Sports and Outdoor Show 2011 I paid the debt if my former client to Alex Roy so that any hard feelings brought on by my client would be resolved. The balance has been paid in full to Alex for the range finder and my client has yet to pay me a penny towards his debt. I have asked Alex many times to delete this false claim on his 'wall of shame' and he has chosen to ignores my request)

The claim made by Alex that “I would keep his deposit money and not deliver the hunt,” is pure bs.  Here are the facts regarding his ‘deposit.’  Alex gave me a $1,200 credit at the Harrisburg show in February of 2008 as a initial deposit for a bear hunt in Russia. He stated that he had himself and one or two more hunters for the trip.  The $1,200 was given to the Russian outfitter.  I contacted Alex Roy’s son in April trying to contact Alex, however he was in Europe.  I had told Alex that we needed a 50% deposit to secure dates, price and hunt, plus his passports photos and info for the visas and invitations to Russia for the hunters going on this hunt.  When Alex returned from Europe I had repeated my request on the hunt again.  Alex sent me a check for $2500 to add to his deposit, which was also sent to the Russian outfitter.  No information, no other deposits for the other hunters or anything to get the visas, licenses or invitations to Russia.  My secretary sent an email in April 2009 again asking for information and deposits from Alex and the other hunters, no reply followed. 

Then all of a sudden in October 2009 Alex wants to know the dates and particulars of his upcoming hunt.  Upon receiving Alex’s email, my secretary told him that I was in elk camp and that she needed to collect Alex’s deposit balance and the deposits from the other hunters (totaling $14,150) as well as all of their information for the visas and invitations. Alex was upset to find out that since he’d hadn’t sent a 50% deposit and no deposits had been received for the other hunters, nor a single ounce of paperwork for Alex nor his hunters that their hunt wouldn’t be the 2008, it would be the current price for 2010.  I have nothing to do with setting the prices, the Russian outfitter sets the prices and handles all of the paperwork etc.  To date Alex had sent me $3,700 of a then 2008 price of $8,500 (2010 price $11,900).  The outfitter would accept Alex’s deposit as a close enough 50% deposit to hold the dates, and grant a discounted 2010 price of $11,000 for Alex and his hunters due prior to arrival.  Alex said that he would not be taking the hunt and would like all money sent in refunded.  Upon my first conversation with the outfitter he said that he would refund the deposits, but later recanted the statement, saying that he wouldn’t be returning the deposits after all because the hunt was tentatively setup up and due to being canceled on too close to the hunt dates, he and his new partner would regretfully not return the deposits to Alex.

I ask you to put yourself the outfitters shoes.  What would you do?  From an outfitters perspective; you hold dates for a hunting party with a minimal deposit, turn down other hunters eager to pay and book a hunt, in good faith that your hunting party will complete their deposit and pay their balance only to be canceled and then you have to try and scramble to find a replacement for their block of days that you now have no one hunting.  Would you send back the deposit after you counted on the hunters, turned down others and now have no one to fill that spot?   It is important to keep in mind that hunting is an outfitters livelihood; it is how we pay the bills.  Some people are doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers, mechanics, etc; we are outfitters and we make our living guiding hunters; canceled hunters equal no income.  I can sympathies and see why the outfitter regretfully decided to not refund Alex’s deposit of $3,700.  The outfitter was holding an estimated $35,700 hunt with $3,700 in deposits from one person, when there should have been a $17,850 deposit in place.  So for Alex to say that I kept his deposit and he lost out on a hunt, the Russian outfitter kept Alex’s deposit and Alex choose to not go on the hunt.  The outfitter tried to accommodate Alex in a way that was fair an appropriate for both parties and Alex declined the hunt.   

I have been an outfitter for more than 45 years and have only dealt with issues like this a couple of times.  It is very unfortunate that this issue wasn’t resolved in a matter that all parties were satisfied with.  However I do not take clients deposits and not deliver a hunt nor do I have equipment that I do not pay for.  I ask you to put yourself in my place and make a decision on what you would do and how you would handle this situation.  If you have a comment, question or concern please feel free to email or call.  I would appreciate any input you might have on this matter.


Ed Tibljas, owner TTO       

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DISCLAIMER: Any and all claims made by Eurooptic or Alex Roy regarding Triangle T Outfitters or Ed Tibljas are unfounded.
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