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New Mexico Archery Hunt 2012
September 27, 2012
By Mark Ticehurst, PA

Dear Ed,

I just returned back home from hunting archery elk with you in New Mexico. I was completely satisfied with the food and lodging, the guides Wesley and Scott, your integrity and enthusiasm, and especially the hunting.

But let me go back a bit . As a member of the Eastern Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation I was interested in a few auctions which you had donated to the Foundation. I then searched the internet to learn more about you and your business, Triangle T Outfitters. I was shocked to read the negative comments about you and your business. I just about decided to abandon any prospect of hunting with you. My time and money would be on the line. But before quitting you I called a director of the Eastern Chapter to discuss my concern. He assured me that you are a straight shooter and legitimate. He hunted with you the previous year. However, I still wasn’t convinced. I decided to meet you in person at the Eastern Sportsmans Show in Harrisburg this past February and get your take on the internet criticisms. Following that meeting I bid on and won two of your donated auctions at the Wild Sheep Foundation Show, purchased two additional hunts for my buddy to hunt with me, and signed-up for the New Mexico archery elk hunt from which I just returned. I can honestly say that my limited time and money was very well spent with you and your staff. Those that have questions should talk with you directly or speak with those who have hunted with you. In the next year or two, I plan to bring my son and another hunting buddy to hunt elk with you again in NM. Time and money are too short to waste.

Back to the story… The sound of bugling elk at close range is one of the most exciting experiences of my hunting career. The skills of Scott and Wesley in calling big bulls was amazing. Even though I’m in my sixties, I was as excited as though I was a five year old sitting before the tree on Christmas morning. I often was guided by two guides and sometimes three because their clients had successfully killed 6 x 6s the first day. On the last day at 3:30 PM a fine bull cautiously entered my line of sight while approaching a small water hole. I was concealed in a blind about 50 yds from the thirsty bull. He looked in my direction but didn’t connect me with danger. At 45 yds., as I had ranged the distance to the water several times, he bowed his head to drink. At that moment I raised the bow, aimed behind the shoulder and a little below center, then released the arrow. Thwack! He turned to his left and slowly walked behind a large cedar and then another. After what seemed like forever but probably was 40 seconds, I heard a crash. The 343 inch 6 x 6 bull collapsed from a double lung shot. This was one of the best three or four hunts of my lifetime. It was made possible by the hard work, dedication, experience, and honesty of you, Ed Tibljas, owner of Triangle T Outfitters and your staff. I also want to thank Danny and his family for their hospitality at the ranch.

I will see you again my friend.


Mark Ticehurst
2011 Archery Elk Hunt in New Mexico
Camp Motto "No Whining"
By: Bob Foulkrod

January 23, 2012

RE:  Hunt

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Bob Foulkrod and if you want to find out more about me, go to:

I have been a guide since 1972.  I had deer, bear and caribou camps, which I took 40 hunters each year in my deer and bear camps and 250 hunters in caribou camp.  I got out of the outfitting business for the same reason Mr. Ed Tibljas is going through [a party of four hunters, who hunted New Mexico elk, who are trying to scam their credit card companies to get their money back for a hunt they call 'bait and switch']!  Hunting fair chase is NOT a guarantee, but neither is life!

I've hunted with Ed Tibljas for approximately 15 years.  Most of this time was successful, but sometimes not.  Let me give you [my personal experience] details on the last three years hunting elk in New Mexico.  Three years ago, on a rifle hunt, the snow came in and pushed the herd off the mountain.  This was NO fault of Ed’s, just bad luck with the weather.  Last year, it was a full moon, but after sitting and hunting everyday, I had a shot, (I missed), again, NO fault of Ed’s.  So two years in a row, I came home empty handed.  I am booked again for this year in the same camp, same area for another hunt and if it is not too hot nor too cold, too much snow, the wind doesn’t blow, or we don’t get rained out and I don’t miss again, I might just get me one of those totally awesome great big elk that I know are there for I have seen them several times.

I've have known Ed for over 15 years and I know one thing, that is: when you shake Ed’s hand, that is a bond.  Maybe this is why we get along so well.

Maybe I should tell you about the time I spent in the bush for ten days on a totally different hunt just waiting for the fog to lift!  There I was….. that’s called hunting.
God Bless America for I Love Hunting.

The absolute best line I have ever heard in camp was, “NO Whining”!


Bob Foulkrod


2010 Archery Elk Hunting in New Mexico
My Story Hunting with Triangle T Outfitters
By: Jeff Peacock

September 27, 2010

This story starts out with Ed Tibljas
[guide/owner/outfitter, Triangle T Outfitters] and I taking a well deserved nap around 3pm under a big Ponderosa pine…the middle of the day at the ranch was very quiet and very hot…the elk bedded and weren’t vocal at all.  Ed and I had walked in early and were trying to get close to the elk before they started moving for the evening.  At around 4pm I heard a weak bugle fairly close….perhaps the elk were going to start moving earlier than expected.  It took until 5pm before I heard another bugle…same spot...same distance.  Now from 5 to 5:30 the bugles were more frequent and from different directions….we had more than one bull out there.  Ed and I were up and moving now…watching the wind and keeping it in our face.  At about 5:30 something happened out there that I have never seen or heard...the bugles were coming now at about 6-7 every minute…and they were from different bulls, by our count and estimation...We had two herd bulls and anywhere from 5-6 satellite bulls and all were within 100 yards of us and we were smack dab in the middle of them.  We chose the biggest sounding bugle and started in on him.  It was very easy walking in, the wind was still in our face...and blowing fairly hard….plus the fact that bulls were bugling all around us constantly helped us sneak in very close to this bull without him noticing us.  We found the herd bull…his cows were mingling all around…and he was all over the place trying to keep the cows from wandering out and getting picked up by all these satellite bulls.  Ed and I tried for the next hour to get in on this bull….we closed the distance to under 60 yards many times and got a great look at this 380” plus bull several times….but we had no shot opportunities.  Ed suggested we back off of this herd bull before we got busted and since we were right in the middle of all this action work on calling in one of these satellite bulls.  One cow call later  and we had several bulls coming in….remember now, during the last hour….the bugles never let up…they were still bugling non-stop….it got to the point where we had to mentally just tune out the bugles so we could focus on our calls and getting a bull to come in. Over the next 30 minutes Ed and I walked into two mature 6x6 at about 50 yards…they were moving and trying to get around on the cows that were still off to our right…again no shot opportunities…as the 6x6 walked off…a small rag horn walked in to our calls, we passed on this little guy.  Now a strange noise came from behind us…to me it sounded just like a Hereford cow…nothing close to an elk bugle….Ed looked at me and said that’s a big bull…and he’s coming in….I looked at Ed and said “that ain’t an elk”…..he told me to turn and find a spot and nock an arrow…..Ed cow called a few more times….and I could tell my Hereford was coming in and he was worked up.  I still thought we were calling in a neighbor’s cow, but I got ready.  At about 70 yards he “bugled” again and then I could see his antlers through the trees coming in.  Ok, now I believed Ed….we had a 360” satellite bull walking in to us…he came into an opening and I ranged him at 62 yards…poor shot though as he was quartering towards me……he came in to about 25 yards and of course stopped directly behind a small pine.  As we waited for this bull to either turn left or right and continue coming in I went ahead and pulled my bow back and got ready.  At full draw now, our bull decided he couldn’t see any cows and turned to walk back out the same way he came in...As he turned and started walking he hit the opening I had ranged him at on the way in, Ed cow called at just the right time and the bull stopped broadside and turned to look.  I had my 60 yard pin held  right in the middle of his chest cavity and yea…the pin was shaking a little bit, but not too bad.  I released the arrow…as the bull bolted out of there I asked Ed if he had seen my arrow.  Neither of us saw the arrow.  After both of us calmed down a bit…we walked over to where the bull was and looked for blood and my arrow.  We spent 30 minutes looking for a blood trail…all the while bugles were going off all around us…I had forgotten we were in the middle of a breeding frenzy…!!!  We never did find any blood, my first shot at a BIG New Mexico bull was a clean miss.  We spent the remaining time before dark trying to get back into the bulls…..we had bulls within 50 yards the rest of the night…we just couldn’t get a shot off.  As darkness came we stopped and talked for a while.   We had probably 8 bulls around us for the better part of two hours…bugles going off nonstop.  Ed said in the 44 years of guiding he has never seen anything like this and we both agreed that this was a night neither of us would forget any time soon.
The entire week, as one of my buddies put it, was a “career” week of hunting for me.  Twice during the week we called in two bulls at one time, both standing within 10 yards of each other, and as archery hunting goes, no good shots were presented.  I took another shot at a mature 6x6 the following day and again missed at 40 yards, broadside ( I really am a better shot than this story tells).  5 minutes later, after that bull left, we called in a 5x5 to the exact same spot….we couldn’t get him any closer than 70 yards, but the encounter was fun.  All toll for the week I actually laid eyes on 14 bulls, 11 of them within bow range….one of them was over 400” and most were 330” or bigger.  I should also say that I did pass on a nice 5x5 bull about 8 minutes into the first day of our hunt…incredible.  The first morning of our hunt, as we pulled off the highway and stopped at the gate onto the property we literally had to shoo away a 6x6 and his cows so we could get in and park.  We all knew this was going to be a great week of hunting.
Driving home to Montana without a bull in the back wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, I’m fairly certain that it will take me a lot of years to ever see that many bulls again.  My time hunting with Ed and John was more than I expected and I am hopeful that I can get back down there a few more times and try my luck again.

Jeff Peacock
Missoula, Montana
(please contact TTO if you would like reference information for Jeff Peacock)

November 2004
John Hafner, RealTree Hunts Whitetail in North Central Texas with T.T.O. in conjunction with a field test of the new Max 1 HDcamo and photo shoot of the Max 1 HDcamo.

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